Deyeuxia Clarion ex P.Beauv.

Leaves inrolled Deyeuxia
Lemma awnless even in the young stages
Leaf blades 2–4 cm long, upper surface glabrous along ribs. Panicle narrow, elliptic to linear in outline, 2–8 cm long. Glumes subequal. Erect perennial to 25 cm tall. Blue Mts Swamps and creeklines. Fl. spring–summer Deyeuxia innominata
Leaf blades 4–10 cm long, 1–2 mm wide, upper surface scabrous along ribs. Panicle loose, with few spikelets, lanceolate in outline, 3–20 cm long. Glumes unequal. Culms with c. 6 nodes. Ascending perennial up to 70 cm high. Cumberland Plain; Woronora Plateau. Shady places. Fl. summer Deyeuxia nudiflora