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Leaves pinnate Cycadophyta
Pinnae progressively reduced in size and becoming spine-like towards the base of the leaf; bases of the pinnae never red. Leaves mostly 20–100 in number, 0.7–2.5 m long; rhachis not twisted. Stems mostly sunken, except in shallow soils where they are sometimes 1–2m high.
Seed less than 3 cm long. Leaves to 1.5 m long, paler green than M. communis. Male cones cylindrical, 20–45 cm long at maturity, 6–12 cm diam. Female cones cylindrical, 20–50 cm long, 10–20 cm diam. Pollination Oct.; fertilization Jan.–Feb. Seeds yellow or orange Coast in ranges in north of region. DSF. Ss. and sands Macrozamia reducta