Correa Andrews

Petals white or green, sometimes reddish if coherent into a tube Correa
Leaves 2–4 cm long
Petals separating when the flower expands, white, 10–15 mm long. Corolla campanulate and star-like, 11–13 mm long. Flowers 1–4 together, terminal. Leaves orbicular to ovate obovate or elliptic, 2–4 cm long, entire, thick, white with a close tomentum underneath. Compact, much branched shrub 1 m high with tomentose branches. Coast. Sandy and rocky situations near the sea. Fl. winter–early spring. White Correa Correa albaalba
Petals cohering in a cylindrical tube for the greater part of their length, red or yellowish-green, 2–3 cm long. Flowers 1–3 together, terminal, erect to drooping. Leaves cordate-ovate to elliptic, 2–3 cm long. Erect shrub 0.5–1.5 m high.