Convolvulus L. >

Bracteoles minute, remote from the calyx. Capsule 2-locular Convolvulus
Outer sepals more than 4 mm long, apex acute to rounded with recurved apiculum. Leaves extremely variable in shape from base to top of stem, sagittate-cordate to linear, slightly crenate to deeply incised
Pedicels straight or undulate at fruiting stage. Peduncles slightly ribbed. Outside of outer sepals moderately hairy to ± glabrous, hairs crisped and loosely appressed. Leaf apex obtuse to mucronulate. Leaves ranging from glabrous to moderately hairy above, moderately hairy below. Hairs crisped and appressed to loosely spreading. Margins undulate to lobed. Inflorescence solitary axillary, a one sided dichasium with1–3 flowers, occasionally 2 inflorescences per axil. Seed surface with small irregular tubercles. Widespread. Open forests and grasslands. Fl. spring–summer. Australian Bindweed Convolvulus erubescens