Conospermum R.Br.

Perianth white or bluish. Fruit a flat-topped hairy achene Conospermum
Leaves 5–25 cm long. Peduncles 15–30 cm long, terminal or in the upper axils, few in number. Perianth bluish or white
Stems tangled, procumbent. Leaves linear, almost terete, channelled above, 8–16 cm long, ascending, curved inwards at the tip. Peduncles 18–50 cm long, slender. Perianth bluish to lilac. Shrub up to 1 m high. Widespread. Wet places. Ss. Fl. spring Conospermum tenuifolium
Stems erect. Leaves flat, almost erect, 1–20 mm wide. Perianth white. Erect shrubs up to 2 m high