Comesperma Labill.

Keel not crested Comesperma
Stems erect
Petals purplish pink or rarely white. Leaves conspicuously developed, 5–12 mm long. Slender erect shrubs 1–1.5 m high
Leaves with revolute or recurved margins, linear to elliptic. Flowers in terminal elongated racemes mostly several together forming a multiple raceme. Outer sepals 1–1.5 mm long. Capsule truncate or rounded at the top. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Ss. Fl. spring–summer. Comesperma ericinum
Leaves flat, obtuse, thick, oblong to elliptic. Racemes short, dense. Outer sepals c. 2 mm long. Capsule emarginate. Blue Mts Uncommon on coast. Fl. spring–summer Comesperma retusum