Blechnum L.

Coenosori in a continuous or almost continuous line on each side of the midrib covering the vascular commissures, having a membranous indusium opening inwards towards the costa. Veins of the sterile fronds free Blechnum
Fertile and sterile fronds dissimilar
Sterile fronds simple, ± linear-elliptic or 1-pinnatifid into 2–18 lateral segments which are 0.7–2.7 cm broad and constricted at the base; the terminal segment much elongated. Main rhachis very broadly winged by the decurrent bases of the frond-segments; the wing 0.3–1.5 cm broad on each side. Fertile fronds simple or pinnatifid. Rhizome erect, covered with the broken bases of the stipes. Plants up to 65 cm high. Widespread. RF gullies, often near waterfalls and on the banks of creeks Blechnum patersoniipatersonii
Sterile fronds pinnate, pinnatisect or, if pinnatifid into numerous segments, then the segments not noticeably constricted at the base