Bauera Banks ex Andrews

Leaves with 3 sessile leaflets less than 3 mm wide (may appear simple and whorled) Bauera
Flowers on slender pedicels which are mostly longer than the leaves
Flowers 12–18 mm diam.; petals mostly pink. Leaflets oblong to lanceolate, 4–12 mm long, often serrate. Petals and sepals with many hairs. Sepals 3–4 mm long. Scrambling shrub up to 2 m high. Widespread. Usually in wet places on Ss. Common. Fl. spring–summer Bauera rubioides
Flowers 5 mm diam.; petals mostly white. Petals and sepals glabrous or with a few hairs. Sepals 2–3 mm long. Smaller in all its parts than B. rubioides. Wet heath. Sandy soils. Fl. spring–summer Bauera microphylla