Baeckea L.

Ovary 2 locular Baeckea
Leaves linear or almost terete >6 times long as wide
Leaves 5–20 mm long, c. 1 mm wide, very acute and almost pungent pointed. Flowers solitary in the axils of the upper leaves, c. 5 mm diam. Sepals entire. Flowers 5–6.5 mm diam, petals white. Stamens 8–15. Capsule c. 2 mm diam. Shrub up to 3 m high, with the tips of the branches drooping. Widespread. Gullies in damp places, often near waterfalls. Fl. summer Baeckea linifolia
Leaves 3–6 mm long apex obtuse. Sepals reddish, triangular. Flowers 4 mm diam. Petals white. Stamens 8–10. Capsule 1–1.5 mm diam. Shrub spreading 1.5–2 m high. Heath. Ss. Kandos area. Endangered. Fl. Summer. Baeckea kandos