Austrodanthonia H.P.Linder

Hairs on lemma not arranged as above, varying in length and density, arranged in tufts or rows Austrodanthonia
Body of the lemma with abundant hairs scattered over the back
Lateral lobes of the lemma usually 2–3 times as long as the body (2–3 mm) of the lemma. Tufted perennial up to 45 cm high. Panicle lanceolate to ovate in outline, contracted or reduced almost to a raceme, with 5–15 spikelets. Spikelets with 4–6 florets; the florets much shorter than the glumes. Glumes 8–11 mm long. Chiefly Blue Mts; also Hornsby–Parramatta. Usually on poor soils. Fl. spring–summer Austrodanthonia monticola
Either; the lateral lobes of the lemma not twice as long as the body of the lemma; or the body 3 mm long or longer