Asplenium L.

Indusia present. Lamina glabrous or scaly Asplenium
Sori mostly marginal, 1 to each incurved lobule of a pinna, affixed to the central veinlet of the lobule but with a prominent indusium projecting towards the upper margin of the lobule, so as to make the sorus appear marginal
Fertile fronds thickly herbaceous to membranous, soft, flaccid. Fronds 1-pinnate to 3-pinnate-pinnatifid. Plants up to 120 cm high. Widespread. RF. Terrestrial or epiphytic Asplenium bulbiferumgracillimum
Fertile fronds thick, coriaceous almost cartilaginous. Fronds 1–2-pinnate. Plants up to 70 cm high. Widespread. RF. Epiphytic or on rocks Asplenium flaccidumflaccidum